… just another travel blog

… just another travel blog

It’s 9.27 am and I’m sitting in a small hotel in Thailand. I finally found enough time to start my own travel blog. Here I am my laptop and a cup of tea in front of me trying to figure out what the first blog entry should be about. Who will be my audience? What do they expect? What is different to other travel blogs?

Well, at first I would like to say WELCOME. Nice to have you here. In this blog Iwant to share my travel experience. Since I was born with the travel bug I love travelling. For me it’s all about discovering new places, dipping into other cultures, meeting interesting people and of course having fun and getting inspired. INSPIRATION is the most important thing when it comes to travel. I got heaps of it and I would like to share. Let me be your source of inspiration by giving you new ideas about destinations, showing different perspectives and letting you escape the daily routine by watching my gallery. It doesn’t matter if you are at home, in the office or on your own adventure in a foreign country – follow me and get the ‘inspiration benefit’.

Now, here are some facts about me that give you an idea about my travel style and what’s important to me if I hit the road.

I always try to avoid touristic places. Sorry about that but the Lonely Planet is not my favorite travel guide. I’m not a fan of travel guides at all. Sometimes it’s nice to have a quick read just to get an overview. But if I am travelling I prefer to drift with the flow. People you meet, your own interests and your intuition will guide you the way.

I am not the typical low budget bus traveller who is staying in the cheapest hostels and having party all night. Well this is not the whole truth. I am not that kind of traveller now but I was when I was younger. During my studies there was not a big budget for travelling but even with some chump change you can go for an adventure. When I was 22 I started working, saved some money and my travel style changed a bit. I still do not like to spend money for unnecessary things but a bit more comfort when it comes to accommodation, a bit more flexibility when it comes to transport, a bit more health and variety when it comes to food. You will see what I mean in my posts 😉

I always try to respect the culture, nature and history of the respective country. Interpersonal sensitivity is the key. Travelling makes us to visitors in other countries, in other people homes. It’s a basic rule to be friendly, respectful and open minded, isn’t it? I’d like to plunge a bit deeper into cultures, get more information about the life, the traditions and the problems of the locals – go backstage.

That’s the new travel blog and let me tell you: No, it’s not just another travel blog. To get an impression of my last adventures in New Zealand and Thailand please visit my Instagram account and follow if you like what you see.

Stay inspired!

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