Spending a night in a container @capsule by container hotel

Spending a night in a container @capsule by container hotel

On my way from Thailand to Bali I had a 16-hour layover in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. In 16 hours surely it’s possible to do a quick sightseeing trip to the city but since I arrived around midnight I decided to get some sleep first.

At klia 2 which is the Air Asia terminal there is a transit hotel and a couple of lounges. When I checked the prices for the rooms I was shocked. Rather than spending $60 for some hours sleep I’m looking for a quiet corner or have a nap in one of the massage chairs in the ´Rest ‘n’ Go´ areas.

But then something else caught my attention: capsule by container hotel.

First impression: strange but interesting. This hotel is different. Caution: not in transit. You must pass the immigration. The capsule hotel offers single beds in form of containers, showers, lockers and Wi-Fi – everything you need for a relaxed layover. The hotels website claimed ‘fully booked’ so I checked booking.com and was happy to find available rooms. Single bed in a container for 12 hours, shower, Wi-Fi and locker for $22. Booked!

On arrival the receptionist welcomed me friendly. I paid the deposit of $12 for towel, key card and locker key and got a nice bag with towel and a bottle of mineral water complimentary. So I made my way to my bed number 310. The area is futuristic and tight but kind of cozy and comfortable too. I can’t recommend this hotel for people who suffer from claustrophobia. The beds are clean and comfortable. In your ‘box’ you have light, air con (no temperature regulation just on/off), a power plug, a small table and space to put your shoes. Even a curtain is there to get some more privacy.

I had a really good sleep in the container hotel. Earplugs are important to bring (also available at the reception) because there are no doors between the beds – snoring alarm! And unfortunately I realized in the morning that there were a couple of mosquitos in there. The bathrooms are ok: male and female, each with 2 toilets and 3 showers, even hair dryers.

The hotel also offers a small reading area with books and tables. Lockers and showers can be used even if you are not booking a room. Fee: $6 for a hot shower incl. towel. Locker for 6 hours $5. Wi-Fi is in all areas available (good and stable connection)

+++ Pros

  • rooms can be booked for 3, 6 or 12 hours
  • all you need package for a reasonable price
  • much more comfortable than napping on the ground of the arrival hall

– – – Cons

  • space is compact not recommended for over weighted people
  • no double beds, only single bed, say good bye to your hon for a night
  • mosquito bites the next morning

All in all I really recommend to stay in the capsule by container hotel. It’s easy and comfortable. Exactly what you need on a layover.


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